MataBoolan Photography | About
Hello and welcome to my Zenfolio page!

I essentially use Photography and Videography as both my means and my gateways to bring awareness and to emphasize on the sheer, often overlooked and ever present Beauty around us. To show it. To share it. And to spread it. Whether that Beauty be on people’s faces. In things or in the street. In nature. In a tiny detail. Or underwater.

Through those two forms of Art – still photo and film - my genuine intention is to touch and to move people in their heart and soul. To bring more Love, more Joy, more Bliss. To amaze. To intrigue. To surprise. To inspire. And to help re-focus on the Positive. Always.

My Highest Purpose is to inspire people to go after their own dreams, to follow their own Bliss, to dare to take their own personal Leap of Faith to access their Highest Self and their Full Potential, I want to contribute into making this World a more open, more loving and more caring place for every Soul that lives upon it.

With regards to portrait work, I love making you feel sooooo good about yourself when you look at the photos I took of you. I want you to feel proud of yourself, feel beautiful and feel how special you are.

I hope we can connect soon! Can't wait to meet you!

From Bali with Love,
♡ MataBoolan Photography ♡